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How We Make Your Email Campaigns Stand Out


Email marketing is a highly effective middle-of-funnel digital marketing strategy for reaching a captured audience and turning them into into repeat buyers.


Whether you are targeting, a prospective customer, a one-time buyer, or a loyal fan, email marketing management by BE/PHORE allows a brand to nurture leads through the sales funnel and ultimately convert.



Whether you're an e-commerce store, a small business with a brick & mortar location, or a corporate brand, designing effective email communications is the foundation of any successful email marketing strategy.


Our email marketing team works closely with our content creation team to develop an email template that drives an above-average click-through rate and gets traffic to your website and moving through your sales funnel.


When it comes time to launch a new product or service, host an event, or just flat out get people excited about something your company is doing, email marketing is one of the most effective demand generation tools out there. 


Our team uses "drip" campaigns to nurture leads through your sales funnel by contacting them repeatedly over a long period of time, resulting in built-up hype and anticipation for your brand's new offering.

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FREQUently Asked


Does email marketing really work?

Yes, it really does! In our digital age, shoppers often look for emails from their favorite brands and companies when they are ready to purchase and a well timed campaign can favorably impact your overall conversion rates in a significantly favorable way.

How can I get an email list?

Like anything in life, building an emailing list takes time and hard work. With that said it's also how you'll see the highest ROI. Building and maintainaing a clean and engaged subscriber list (i.e. a list comprised of people who knowingly and purposefullly opted-in to e-newsletter communications) is paramount to an email marketing strategy's long term success.

Can I buy an email list?

While it is certainly possible to purchase an email list, we HIGHLY suggest against this and in fact will not work with a prospective client who has purchased a list. Purchased email lists are not effective in terms of open rates, click-through-rates (CTR) and other metrics, and will likely get marked as spam and/or unsubscribed from leading to a higher overal email send cost. Perhaps worst of all, when an email campaign is marked as spam it's possible that some email spam filters will automatically mark any future campaigns coming from the same IP address as spam.

I'm ready to start or improve my email marketing strategy, how much does it cost?

Generally speaking, email marketing is one of the most direct ways to reach a captured audience, in addition to being one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. When you're ready, contact us to get started with email marketing through BE/PHORE.


Nurture Your Sales Funnel

Don't waste time trying to hire, train, and retain email marketing talent.


Whether you are looking to promote an event, build hype for a product launch, or simply nurture existing customers and increase retention, our dedicated email marketing team can help boost conversions and grow top-line sales for your brand.

We've got you covered.