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In 2019, Cylinder® was at a pivotal point in their business where they had a solid supply chain established and were ready to take their marketing to the next level.


To help develop their digital presence, they looked to us for help with a full-scale marketing strategy that included developing a strong brand identity, building out an engaging website with fully functional e-commerce, search engine optimization, and content marketing.




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A foundation Built To Last

Cylinder Vodka was born as a great-tasting vodka that lacked a strong brand identity.


We took its founder's experience behind the bar to bring Cylinder to life with a new vision and rich backstory.

Branded with the slogan "Bartender Crafted & Inspired," Cylinder emerged as the vodka made for bartenders, by bartenders.

IT's a


Our content marketing team took this newly christened brand identity and partnered with beverage industry influencers to develop evergreen content and tap into existing audiences to create explosive growth for the budding brand. 

In partnership with our influencer partners we garnered 300k+ impressions for Cylinder over a series of 3 Instagram feed videos. 


Organic Users

Our web team developed a full-scale e-commerce platform and brought Cylinder's customer life-cycle under one roof with a completely integrated platform.

Our organic growth strategy used technical SEO elements, such as SERP schema, to drastically improve Cylinder's search engine optimization, overall visibility on Google.


Through these efforts and a UX-centered design, we saw an 88% increase in user engagement metrics over Cylinder's initial website design and a 45% increase in organic traffic.